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Up to 3-year warranty from £0.63 per day

At We Sell Small Cars we take the stress out of ensuring the standard of your car is nothing less than it should be if not better, not only before you buy the car but also whilst the car is within your ownership. We have over the years gained extensive knowledge within the industry and on this occasion, we have shopped around to find you the customer the best choice of after-sales service around.

All our extended warranties cover nearly every mechanical component on the car* , so if it fails mechanically, the warranty we provide covers it! Simple...

Things you would like to know on the warranties we provide:

  • Up to £1000 per claim limit
  • Unlimited amount of claims (up to the value of your car)
  • The most advanced Platinum package available
  • Vehicle hire if your car breaks down
  • Recovery
  • European cover also included if you're travelling abroad

*Parts that are covered:

Engine | Turbo unit | Gearbox | Clutch | Differential | Driveshafts | Brakes | Steering | Suspension | Bearings | Cooling system | Ventilation | E.C.U | Electrics | Fuel system | Air conditioning | Locks | Seals | Casings

We said it would be comprehensive. Feel free to keep us posted on the running of your car, we are always here for a chat and some impartial advice, even if it is 3 years down the line.

Written details available upon request. *Terms and conditions apply.